A Book A Month All Summer

on Friday, June 22, 2012
A brief update (I'll be back from my blog hiatus soon; expect a post on writing book summaries!) for what's going on with my current plans:

I'm going to try and write a book a month for every summer month (June, July, August, September). This is more feasible than my original plan to write two books in June, mostly because life got in the way in June.

However, my current plan is to finish the half-done Quarter in the next week, and then start on my middle-grade novel in July. August we'll churn out Eighth, the third book in my Half chain, which should be pretty cool. Then, in September, we'll do the third Might of the Steelgods book: The War of Blood and Oil seeing as it's tradition to write one of those dumb things at the end of summer every year. (Steelgod September returns!)

After that I have no idea. I also plan on finishing A Straight Cut sometime in July if I have time. I'm going to just write it on days I'm not writing something else. That book annoys me.

I also have to edit Death's Aria and do minor Half revisions, as well as send Half to everybody and their dog in July. If I don't start submitting, my year goals to submit at least two novels this year will fail. I have more than enough material; I just need to submit!

That's it for now. I'm writing Quarter like a fiend! Expect some cool life updates soon, too. :)