I'm writing again.

on Saturday, February 23, 2013
Rather than extrapolate in great deal as to what I've been doing, I'm going to make this a "Quick Hits" so you can read it fast and get on with your day.

- I went to two days of LTUE (I had to work the other two). It was awesome. I met a lot of cool people at the signing and hung out with people I already knew on Saturday. I'm kind of over going to panels unless they REALLY interest me, and I'm thankful that I now know a lot of people (authors, agents, etc.) from across the spectrum so I can just ask them questions directly about things. If you spent time talking to me: thanks. I had a good time.

- Bec (mein wife) and I will be at Conduit, as DEALERS. Yes, we are peddling our perler wares this  May at SLC. We already have a booth bought. We will be there Friday and Saturday and will have tons of stuff up for sale. If you want to buy some perlers from us (as seen on the other blog), then please show up! We will be setting up an online shop as well if you don't like going outside.

- I have a new job that requires me to work graveyards. That's on a more personal note, but I figured somebody would be curious.

- I have been writing what started as a short story, called Aeon. I originally planned it to be a short story, but based on current length and planned projections it's certainly somewhere between novella and novel. Feedback so far has been overwhelming positive. It's my first venture into sci-fi, with the story being about a robot going from initial boot to sentience, from its first person perspective. It started as a writing experiment and kind of got out of control. If you'd like a copy after I finish, give me a hollar. I foresee good things with this.

- The next project is editing Death's Aria for reals though. I had an editor at LTUE tell me to send her stuff, and have had people I queried with Half asking me for something that wasn't vampire related. Since Death's Aria is probably the best thing I've written so far (obvious mistakes aside), I feel it is the next best shot.

- I'm seriously considering ePublishing a few of the backlog of novels. Not the truly awful ones, mind, but Half and Steelgods could probably do reasonably well finding a home on the Kindle store. We'll see how that develops.

That about covers it from me. I'm very excited about Aeon, and I'm glad to be writing again. Let's kickstart this into space.