It's October, Steelgods isn't edited

on Saturday, October 1, 2011
It's been a rough couple of weeks, but I'm almost finally done with personal problems which means I'll have more time for editing.
The downside is I'm probably only 50% done with editing Steelgods, a project that was supposed to take two weeks now passing a month.
It's frustrating. I have no idea why this is so much harder than just writing. I can usually average 5k words a day easily in about two to three hours. With editing, I spend an hour editing and get maybe 2k if I'm lucky, and then I'm so burned out I just quit.
This is probably something I should figure out how to fix.
On the plus side, the book is improving dramatically in my humble opinion. Most changes are minor, but I've helped both smooth out the worldbuilding, make Cevan less incompetent, and tone down stuff that's over-the-top. Overall, I really like how it's turning out.
On the negative side, the fact I haven't written anything new in about a month is driving me crazy. This is the longest I've gone this year without actually writing (the previous being two weeks after I finished Effulgent Corruption). I need to start a new project.
Untitled Dark Fantasy project is sort of planned, except I'm trying to figure out the magic system I want to use. I can't really start the book until I know the magic, because it plays a key role in the main character. I really want to write something, especially since it's a great cure for depression (which I've been dealing with on and off over the past few weeks). So it's time to get on that.
This Fantasy project is more of a thing I figured would be fun rather than something I'd sell (but Steelgods stared that way, so who knows). Basically I take a traditional fantasy story (young hero with a rebel group overthrows evil empire warlord) and jump ahead thirty years to see the aftermath. Hint: it isn't pretty. Rebels make good leaders of small, extremely loyal groups, but rulers of nations? Maybe not. Plus, what would killing tons of people do to the psychological stability of the "hero?"
See, stupid things I think would be fun to mess around with. I just need some magic.
That's about it from me. I'm trapped at work on a Saturday, which is great at melting my brain. Here's hoping I get Steelgods finished soon.


Joe Vasicek said...

I have the exact opposite problem: I can only get to 2k or 2.5k with new material before I hit burnout, but I can easily revise through 5k or more and feel even more energized than when I began. I think the key to getting over the hump is to build momentum by writing consistently, writing at the same time of day, and pacing yourself rather than going on a huge sprint and not having any energy left to pick it up again the next day. Good luck!

Nathan Major said...

Yeah, I just need to get into the mindset. I don't know why editing is more draining. I can easily say "I write at 7 and 10 every evening for a minimum of an hour and a half," but I can't do that with editing EVER. After about an hour of editing my brain starts mushing on me.
Maybe if I forced an editing schedule that would work. My other issue is I can't edit on my netbook (not powerful enough), and my Macbook's battery life is so bad I can't sit outside or anything (which usually helps).
Just gotta MAN UP. :P

CNHolmberg said...

Revisions always take a long time for me--I would have been shocked if you had met the two-week goal. (Then again, you tend to write circles around me.) Take your time; the book will be great. ;)

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