Still nottin'

on Monday, August 13, 2012
So I haven't started writing again yet, mostly because nothing interests me. Though I did think of something I might try, which worked in May.

I wrote Half because I wanted to write an urban fantasy book where I just did whatever I wanted. It was hardly the deepest novel but it was fun and I really got into the voice presented. Quarter was that with more refinement, and again written in a short time span (three weeks vs two).

I also wrote Half because I was mad at A Straight Cut (and I'm still mad at it...that book's premise is cool but the story I wrote doesn't live up to it, at least not in its current state) and needed to just creatively explode all my pent up frustrations on something. Sort of a revival, of sorts.

I'm considering doing this again, but this time in a more traditional fantasy setting. Still YA (I'm probably pigeonholing myself into YA, but whatever...I like writing them more) but with more sillyness (like Half) then brooding depression darkness death (like every other YA novel I wrote). It'll be another book I don't care about if it's bad or good, just me throwing a character on a silly adventure.

If anything, it'll force me to start writing again, which is what I really need.

It isn't as if I've been unproductive. I'm currently alpha reading two novels, still writing game reviews on a nearly-daily basis on my video game blog, working on movies/videos for said video game blog, making perler bead sprites, working, and applying to grad schools. So yeah, been a bit busy. I also am trying to play the piano more, so add it to the list.

Regardless, I need to start writing again, because I'm frustrated that I'm not. That pretty much sums it up.

So expect some awesome writing soon. Also, editing Death's Aria and submitting it to everybody I just harassed with Half. What could possibly go wrong? :D


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