Aeon Finished

on Wednesday, March 13, 2013
My novel...or novella...or short novel...or whatever a 43,000 word thing is, Aeon, is now finished!


I guess I should do a stats thing.


Total Words: 43,160
Number of Chapters / Boot Cycles: 14 (counting the 0th)
Robots?: Yes 
Techno Babble: A whole lot yo

I realized I can't think of anything else that wouldn't be a spoiler, so that's all you get.

This isn't a very exciting post. I might do a post-mortem post soon (I want to start doing these with all my novels so I can remember what I was thinking when writing them).

I am uncertain what is next on my docket, but I'll be sure to let ya'll know. I should probably edit Death's Aria for reals this time.


Charlie Holmberg said...

Congrats! Eager to read it!

My last book came it at 43k too, which is kind of an awkward word count that doesn't know what to do with itself. Added 9k, but 60k just seems like a better number. Though I think word count is different for sf. Guess we'll find out, eh?

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