NaNoWriMo, Naught but Glass

on Tuesday, November 1, 2011
So it's NaNoWriMo again, and we all know how I feel about that. My opinion regarding it hasn't changed, but yet again I feel oddly compelled to participate.

So I'm doin' it. Hopefully better than last year, where I did it for like a day and fell off the planet.

But as a specification: I'm not actually doing NaNoWriMo, I'm just using it as an excuse to start my book today. I'm going to keep writing until I finish it regardless of what month I'm in, and hopefully I'll finish it before the world ends in 2012 so I'll have accomplished my goal of three books in one year.

In other news, I've been preparing my queries and also am working on both a synopsis and polishing the first chunk of Steelgods 1 to perfection. I'm hoping to start sending those out by next week.

And favorite episode of "Hey Ashe, Whatcha Playing?" Also, I now say "I'm doin' it" in the same way Ash does in this show's fun. Hush.

BONUS: We'll throw the minecraft episode on for fun.


Anonymous said...

If you do decide to start using the nanowrimo site, I decided to give it a go this year as well. I'm under wordsworn. If nothing else, they do have a pretty great stats page for seeing how you're progressing along. And I figure what the heck, might drag a first draft outta me.

Nathan Major said...

Yeah, I might actually do that. If anything, it's forced me to write every day this month so far, even if I really just want to play Batman: Arkham City. :P
Good luck with your story! I've liked all the stuff you've posted on your LJ so far.

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