Writing with Music: A Call for Assistance

on Tuesday, March 6, 2012

So I've been struggling to be motivated to write A Straight Cut, and it's actually been for a really dumb reason: I don't have any good background music.

My main problem is that re-using songs is often a big "No-no" when I write. There are a few that creep up across multiple novels (the Nier and Game of Thrones soundtracks come to mind), but as a whole each book has its own collection that belongs to it and only it. Death's Aria was the Bloodrayne: Betrayal soundtrack and a health dose of Binding of Isaac's. Where Gods and Mortals Dance was Epica's Symphonic album. Effulgent Corruption had too many to note, but it took seven months so it has to learn how to share or else I wouldn't have any music left.

Anyway, A Straight Cut is set in a world where everybody lives in a huge canyon because the world above is a crappy desert that is eighty bajillion degrees. They all live on the sides of this canyon in caves and platforms etched out or created (though in limited number, as trees don't really grow in a canyon where the entire bottom is a river so they have to live on the sides), and to prevent war they sell their children as slaves to other city-states or nations or whatever you'd call them since there aren't many people left anyway in an attempt to keep a sort of shaky truce. It makes more sense in the book, trust me.

Point being I need some freaking music to inspire me. I tried the Bastion soundtrack but it didn't quite fit, plus I used it for Steelgods 2. I usually grab tunes from recent games I've played but I haven't played anything recently worth robbing. I tend to like things that are catchy but also make good background noise, and I can only tolerate words if they are total nonsense (aka the Nier soundtrack).

So...anybody have any ideas? Feel free to link me up and I'll see what I can do to grab them. I'll take anything at this point, since I'm burning out already due to lack of original songs. Curse my ADHDness requiring this distraction in order to function properly.


Charlie Holmberg said...

Try listening to Mediaeval Baebes (terrible name, but they're good), Blackmore's Night, Apocalytpica (love them), Urban Symphony... I recently found a song called "Clutter" by Ronald Jenkees that is super cool, so maybe more music by him.

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