Effulgent Corruption Day 2 - 4,358 Words

on Friday, January 7, 2011
Chapter 1 done (fixed the intro...I think). Chapter 2 is about halfway finished. I'm adding cute little before-chapter quotes (see the bit for today at the bottom) and am going to add a few more things.
Despite me hating on Effulgent Corruption, re-reading it makes me realize it really wasn't that bad. It was plagued with the "first couple chapters are only about 50% worth keeping" syndrome, but 50% is better than 0%, and I'm fairly certain the later chapters will improve.
Keep in mind I had about 20k when I quit, all of which I'm using (sort of) as a reference. There was some good stuff in there, stuff I don't plan on losing, but having been away from it for a while I can see what needs to be altered.
The main issue with this project is ambition. I have three viewpoint characters, each with conflicts specific to them, but the conflicts also co-exist in such a way that they have to be hinted at in every other VP character's story archs. This makes it incredibly hard for me to know exactly how much information to put in one character's VP (because I want to put all the cool stuff in), when I know I'm going to have to wait for another character's turn before I really give it all away.
In short, it's ambitious, which is kind of why I abandoned it before. However, I'm determined to finish it, even if it totally ends up sucking, because I like it too much to let it die completely.
Even though I really just want to write Gears of Anbar now.

Today's bit:

“What I saw that day? How can one describe the death of a god? How can one so blessed suffer such unmatched torment? How can immortal flesh burn like the leaves of an autumn pyre?”
- Gramatticus, Priest of the Living, second witness of the Burning of Utana
5 A. G. D.


Derek Bown said...

Well, after you're done with this you'll have another book in your portfolio.

Charlie said...

Oooh, autumn pyre. Like.

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