Effulgent Corruption Day 3 - 2,050 Words

on Monday, January 10, 2011
The bad news is I decided to take the weekend off. Nothing to major. The other bad news is I didn't get my morning writing in today, so I only got about 2k in. Not great.

The good news is this finishes the chapter and puts me past the part of the story that I felt I was stuck on. Everything from here on out (well, maybe after the next chapter) is stuff I really am going to enjoy, not to mention our hero is about to meet one of my favorite characters in the book.

So, soon enough things will be moving along fast. Which is good, since I took the weekend off.

I'm also not caring if this sucks or not (I took a similar approach to Steelgods, and it didn't seem to hurt me any). I'm just going to push through until it finishes. I'm not even going to worry about length, though I have a hunch it's going to be monstrously long.

Here's a bit from today.

            “What have you done with my family?” Drake gasped, addressing anyone who might have been outside the door. His voice rose, despite the chalky dryness that engulfed his throat. “Where is my daughter? Where is my Cristala?”
            He kept pounding with both hands. It was but a moment later that tears were running down his face, unbidden, as he struck the hard barrier again and again. Images of his wife and daughter, what had once been his sanctuary from the horrors of war, now offered no such solace. He knew he must have been chafing his hands raw, and could feel a slickness on the door that might have very well been his own blood, but he still felt no pain. Tears made way to gasping sobs, Drake’s stern demeanor breaking.


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