Effulgent Corruption - 6k in a day will finish that part for ya.

on Thursday, March 24, 2011
After deciding to murder my sanity completely, I pounded out a cool 6k yesterday and finished Part Two of Effulgent Corruption! Yay! Party! Rave!

The best part is that, re-reading it, it actually isn't awful! Unlike what usually happens when I write in huge bursts. There are some definite changes I can already see, but aside from those it seems fairly decent.

That is, it will until writing group gets their grubby mitts on it.

This drops us at a little over 125k, and ready to move into Part Three. Of Six. Yes, I'm going to keep bringing that up because it is daunting.

Point being: Part Two is done! Yay! New viewpoint! New plot! Everything is starting to come together! Magical!

It is also worth noting that over the past week and I half I averaged around 4-5k a day, meaning I wrote about 40k in a week and a half. With work and piano lessons, that isn't half terrible. 

Now I'm going to go read Chuck's book on my Kindle. Hooray for the wonders of technology.


deckergeek said...

Wow. This means I really need to get reading on Part 1. If all else fails, I will read it when I get out of school in May.

CNHolmberg said...


SIX parts? Really? THIS IS SUICIDE. You're insane. Obviously.

How long did it take to write 6k? (Which is awesome, btw)

Nathan Major said...

Somewhere between two and two and a half hours. No worries, that is not anywhere near my normal pace; I always write about twice as fast during the final parts of books/parts (because they are usually the thing I've planned first).

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