Taking a week off.

on Thursday, March 10, 2011
I wrote Monday, but I'm going to take this week off due to stress reasons (and Pokemon, but that isn't the main contributer). A brief (and a bit personal, sorry) recount of what happened this week:

- I started my new job. I'm in training from 11am-5pm every day for two weeks.
- For above, I still have about 3 hours of training videos to watch at home.
- My car's transmission decided to barf up all its transmission fluid, and before I noticed it had hurt the transmission. There's ~$300 I'll never see again (but I guess it could be worse).
- My youth leader from church who probably was one of the most (if not THE most) influential person on my entire life (save family members) passed away due to a long bout with cancer on Monday. He was 63.

Point being, it's been a long couple of days, and I don't need the self-imposed added stress that comes from not writing. So if I declare it a dead week, any writing I DO get around to doing will make me happier so we'll just take that.

I did churn out 3k on Monday, so even if I hold off until Friday I'll at least have that. I'll probably write tonight - I don't have much left in Part 2 after brainstorming, so it should be a straight path straight on 'til morning.

That's about it. Long week. Going to spend my nights sleeping early and playing Pokemon to try and get into a sort of rhythem.

Also I still hate my car. Grrr.

ALSO: Fun tidbit, the second Effulgent Corruption book was slated to be titled The Dead Six, until I realized Larry Correia is releasing a book called Dead Six this summer. Whoops.


CNHolmberg said...

Dead Six... go figure.

Sorry about... all this. Good luck with the load! I want to hear about the new job sometime.

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