Steelgods vs Shadow Mountain

on Wednesday, March 30, 2011
I've decided to do a Steelgods edit and submit it to Shadow Mountain.

This will be done during my free time at work, since I can't write at work it seems better suited for editing. There are a few edits that  I'm going to do.

- General edit. Language clean up, fixing all the left over "discovery writer" bits that cause the book to be disjointed, and fix sentence structures.
- Plot edit. I can think of an entire chapter that needs to be rethought, as well as significant parts of the plot. This will probably be the biggest edit.
- Language edit. Shadow Mountain is part of Deseret Book, an LDS publishing house, so I'm pretty sure "goddammit" isn't going to fly in one of their books. This will be made it's own file; I plan on continuing to submit the original to other publishing houses unedited.

Shadow Mountain is a small-ish publishing house, but it does have several major bestsellers and authors (Fablehaven being first and foremost). While I know I should start from the top and go down, I don't think this could hurt any.

Plus, I've been itching to edit Steelgods, and now this is an excuse. I plan on continuing to write Effulgent Corruption during the evening (even though I didn't yesterday) but it needs some serious plotting before I can continue.

So that's it. Keep it real.


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