Effulgent Corruption - Part 3 is go

on Monday, March 28, 2011
I've been a bit lazy; took two days off and only wrote about 1.5k on Saturday. However, I'm getting back into things, plotting this third part more definitively, and trying to gain motivation despite being overwhelmed with life at the moment. So there you go!

This part is considerably different than the last two. Part 1 was an abridged prison story, and one of potential revenge. Part 2 was a slow burn, focusing more on the character relations, before finally revealing what could be considered the ultimate conflict. Part 3 is completely different, because it relies so heavily on the first two. Rook's story (Rook being the viewpoint character of this part) is directly woven into both Drake and Ciara's. Without them his tale would be a bit monotonous. However, I'm trying to discover exactly how to make the "in-between" parts more exciting, which is why I've been brainstorming.

Rook is also in a position leading to a considerable amount of more violence when compared to Drake and Ciara (yes, even compared to Drake), which should be good for the book. Ciara's story was low on the "action" front, so now we have Rook to fix that. Time to kill some people.

That's about it. Still busy with work and other things this week, so hopefully I'll have time to write on my consistent schedule. Also, WHAT THE CRAP IS UP WITH ALL THIS SNOW IN MARCH. WHAT.

Here's the start of Part 3, for you reading pleasure.

“I want you to kill them,” Grax said, the smile running away from his face. “Tear them to pieces. Cover them in corruption. Kill them, damn you, kill them!”
            Rook hunched over his drink like a vulture atop a desert carcass. He had only taken two sips since ordering it, the vile drink reflecting the afternoon sun that crept through a nearby window.
            “Quiet.” He grumbled to his companion, pulling the hood further down to shadow his face. He took another drink; his hand was so large it completely engulfed the cup. The ale was just a putrid as he remembered. “Don’t draw attention.”
            Grax slammed his hands against the table, dark eyes burning. His short black hair bobbed as he spoke, teeth wide like a whinnying horse. “You will listen to me, Rook. You owe everything to me. I own you. And you will kill the boys!”


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