Disease does not help writing

on Tuesday, July 5, 2011
I've been deathly ill (with a serious fever Thursday night), which has lead to no writing for Fri-Sun. I managed to write 1k yesterday despite being stricken with the plague, but I'm feeling substantially better (though not 100%...I'm probably at about 75%) and have an hour after work to burn, so hopefully that'll end with me writing lots.

I figured out Part 6; it'll be substantially shorter than the other parts should my estimation prove accurate, with maybe 2/3 the number of chapters as Part 5. I'm hoping that means I can finish it and Part 7 (aka the final part) in July, should I go quickly. I'm very ready for this book to be done so I can start on a lighter project (Steelgods 2). I'm also excited to edit both Steelgods and Effulgent Corruption in preparation for submitting it to everybody and their dog (and hopefully people I meet at WorldCon).

I haven't said anything about Game of Thrones (the HBO series, not the book) on this blog, but if you follow me on facebook you've seen I've gone NUTS over it. I actually binge watched the last six (of ten) episodes on the eve of my amazing disease explosion. Having never read the books, I must say these things are amazing. I actually tried reading the books and (like many others) was bogged down by their plodding pace. They are well written, for sure, but slow. I'm going to try it again because I literally cannot wait to see what happens in Season 2 and so if I just read the dumb books I'll know and won't have to wait. Though it might take me until next year to read that first book because...holy crap it's big.

Also it has a killer soundtrack and the rockingest opening of any show ever. Look, here it is so you can watch it!

Though if you are looking into watching it a fair warning: it's a "Hard R" rating. This is HBO, not normal television, so there's plenty of stuff you don't want kids (or teenagers, for that matter) seeing. The production values are through the roof, though, so it has that.

Yeah I should really read the books. Gah.

Here's a hefty EC quote. We are back to Rook, as you probably understood. This is the last character specific part in the novel. HALLELUJAH.

Despite knowing the meeting with Minerva would likely be an unpleasant one – Grax would see to that – Rook was excited to see her again. Something about the younger Corrupter did odd things to him; he felt completely uneasy about her but for some reason enjoyed the awkwardness. Spending time with her was like having a normal life, one free of the influence of harassing gods and impudent Marked.
“Don’t think like that,” Grax struck Rook upside the head, causing Rook to fumble the reigns. The horse, confused, broke its straight path for a moment before Rook redirected it back towards the tents outside Yehovuh. Rook gave Grax a scowl, the Mark about his eyes throbbing slightly as he Touched.
“She’s trouble,” Grax continued, sitting high on his war-horse. “She brings back something from your first life, something I don’t want you knowing. But if we are to kill the Saints, even I know when to admit you’ll need help. It’ll go much quicker with two, so long as you don’t stay together too often after the task is complete.”
Breaking promises, Rook growled but said nothing, remembering Grax’s warning back at the Marking Chamber. Bastard.
“I can hear everything you think, bastard,” Grax gave Rook a sideways glance, a touch of frustration in his eyes. “And considering the state of the Gangrene poison in her blood, I wouldn’t expect a substantial amount of quality time with the girl after you’ve killed all the Saints. Assuming both of you survive the ordeal, of course.”

- Effulgent Corruption, "Loss"


CNHolmberg said...

Hard R. Break my heart.

I didn't think the books were slow. Not as far as epic fantasy goes, at least...

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