Effulgent Corruption - Almost done editing

on Thursday, July 28, 2011
I've been picking up the pace after Part 3...the Parts after that I was more in the groove and don't require as much heavy editing. I've just finished Part 5 and have only Parts 6 and 7 remaining.

I already have plans on what to cut from these sections, though Parts 2 and 5 (both of Ciara's parts) are making stern arguments towards leaving most of the stuff in. And they are the longest parts. Gosh dang it.

I'd consider this a "pre-alpha" read for those who want a copy. Basically you'll go in knowing its a rough draft, but help me to figure out exactly what plot things should be axed, or which parts of the book seemed to have problems with pacing. It also is a general assessment of the plot to see if it works. Last thing I want is to have a finished book with a plot that just falls into oblivion.

In other news...that's it. I haven't started up Gears yet, mostly because I'm lazy and I want to finish EC edits first. If you want to be in the "crappy, rough draft" reader group, feel free and let me know. Just know it's a massive thing and I'd need feedback relatively soonish (like a month or two). It would be mostly general feedback, however, so you wouldn't need to line edit or anything.

That's it. Back to work! Here's more Nier music because you want it.


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