Effulgent Corruption: Part 6 is done. Yes, really. Also, this book is too long.

on Monday, July 11, 2011
My lovely wife sent me an email today, and here is what it said:
Part #             Word Count          Viewpoint
Prologue         478                       N/A
Part 1             61035                   Drake
Part 2             67920                   Ciara
Part 3             65777                   Rook
Part 4             37312                   Drake
Part 5             66649                   Ciara
Part 6             23935                   Rook

Total Word Count: 335K
Estimated Part 7 (final part) Word Count: 40k
Estimated Final Word Count: 375k
Word Count of Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson: 386k
Word Count of Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss: 395k

So yeah, this book is REALLY LONG. It is worth nothing that both Way of Kings and Wise Man's Fear were that long after editing, and I'm hoping to cut down the 60k sections by 20k each of just content cut (and cut everything 10-20% of just "cleaning up sentences" cut). I commented to a friend last night I wanted a ~30% edit, which would be 90k, WHICH IS THE ENTIRE LENGTH OF STEELGODS. WHAT.

Anyway, I finished Part 6, though the ending is extremely abrupt. What happened was I figured I had a page left, but I kind of lost the groove last night so I was going to finish it later. But after my wife read it this morning she commented on how she liked the abrupt ending, and after re-reading it I do too. I might still write my original ending and see how I like it, but I sort of dig this abrupt scene cut.

I'm now in severe planning stages. Yes, I'm planning, get over it. After over 300k words and now all it is coming together, I can't afford to not plan and somehow screw this up. So I'm going to MAKE AN OUTLINE (what? no!) and actually figure out this ending and then write it.

One of my friends also said he's going to get popcorn on the 23rd (after his last school final) and read Effulgent Corruption from start to finish. So my new goal is to finish the book before then. After that I'll do basic edits until August, then write Gears of Anbar that month while maybe writing Steelgods? I don't know, I've been working on this book so long I forgot how to keep a schedule.

That's it from me. Here's a tiny bit from the last part.

“Get the hell away from me, you madman!” Rook pointed, fury coursing through him. “Get back, or I’ll…”
“You’ll what?” Grax rose his hands to the sky, spinning as he chuckled. “Strike me down? Tear me to pieces? Cut me asunder? I am only visible to you, Rook. Only you can see my divine presence, only you think there is a man standing before you in the road. You are the madman, the insane one. I am simply a patient observer, existing only in your mind and through your blighted sight.”
Grax started laughing hysterically now, clutching his chest as tears ran down his face. “And do you know the best part? I told you to sew your eyes shut! You didn’t want to, hell on earth you were persistant, but in the end you were so weak, so malleable. I tricked you into thinking it was what you wanted, can you believe it? All this while you told yourself it was your intention, your choice. And now, now you see me all the time. Don’t you understand, Rook? Minerva was right. Who in their right mind would sew their eyes shut, knowing full well a dead god awaits them beneath those closed lids?”

- Effulgent Corruption, Dead


CNHolmberg said...

Wait, Grax? So the GODS COME BACK? Way to ruin the story.

Also--I can't believe how many words are in this book! Holy crap! And cutting 30% out of different parts--that's gonna be a doozy. Good luck!

Nathan Major said...

Pft, it's not a spoiler, and if you'd been reading the earlier snippets I "spoil" it much sooner. ;)

Jason L Secrest said...

What the crap?
I'm not sure what to apply that sentence to... could it be that:
-this book is a regular book's length from being a half a million words.
-you're going back to gears of anbar finally? isn't that the steampunk thing that you started forever ago that I kind of liked but you only wrote one chapter of? - or is it stealgods 2?
-there's a crazy man with frankin-lids that sees dead people that make fun of him
-you've probably exhausted your supply of 1 million bad words.
-you suck.

Jason L Secrest said...

p.s. I'm a retard. gears of anbar is listed right here under motsg. mystery solved.

Nathan Major said...

Yeah, Gears isn't Ringforger. Ringforger is officially dumped. I looted everything good from it for Steelgods and EC.

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