Effulgent Corruption: Finish him!

on Saturday, July 16, 2011
Unlike my characters, this book just won't seem to die.
Granted, I have a schedule lined up (or rather a basic outline). Out of the 9 chapters in the finale, 5 are now finished, meaning I'm over half-way done with Part 7. Yay!

This is actually oddly stressful. I'm not writing much more than usual, but I feel compelled to finish a chapter every day. I'm so ready for this book to be done it's maddening, yet I'm also anxious because I don't want to eff it up royally. You know what I'm saying: after a huge project, it all comes down to the end, and if you screw that up you feel like you've ruined all the previous work. Luckily, I'm an author, so if I do churn out a chapter that's nothing but utter garbage, I can totally rewrite it at some future date. But I hate rewriting and I want this to work, so there you go.

I also realized writing group is never, ever going to make it through this book before 2012 if I post at the same pace I currently am, which is actually a pretty grueling pace. I might just have to call for straight up alpha readers after I do my first massive edit.

This post is actually an excuse to post a massive part from what I wrote yesterday, because I thought it was funny and it made me grin re-reading it at work today. Yes, I worked on Saturday, and yes it sucked. But now I'm rich, so that's how life works.

Ciara laughed. “That’s fine with me. Try to not burn the pie, Kika.”
Kika smiled, closing her hands around the glass. “I’m going to make it out of apples! Do you like apples, Thomas?”
“Why are you asking me?” Thomas chuckled. Kika blushed and turned away.
“No…reason. I was just wondering…”
Ciara realized what was going on, and she had to try hard to keep from bursting into laughter. “Thomas loves apple pie, Kika, as do I. I think that’s an excellent choice.”
Kika perked up instantly, and gave Ciara a nod. “I’d better go get started then, if it’s to be done before you get back! Bye! Be safe!”
She gave a wave and scurried back into the kitchen, still gingerly carrying the *spoiler*. Thomas watched her go in confusion, then looked back at Ciara.
“What was eating away at her?”
Ciara rolled her eyes. “Men.”
“Isn’t it obvious? She has something for you!”
“Wait, Kika? Are you being serious?” Thomas looked back towards the doorway where the Marked girl had disappeared.
“Gods, for being so smart you can be so very dense,” Ciara pressed her hand against Thomas’ cheek, pushing his face back towards her. She gave him a light kiss, then finished fastening her robe.
“But…I’m your husband. She knows that…right?”
“And I’ve hardly even met her, it doesn’t seem-“
“I’m not saying anything will come of it, I’m just saying she has a crush.” Ciara pulled the hood over her head, tucking her hair back into its shadows. “Weren’t you young once? Didn’t you have eyes for pretty Kian daughters?”
“I only had them for you.” Thomas smiled, reaching down and holding her hand. Ciara squeezed it tighter than usual, just enough to hurt.
“Me and at least three others; don’t try and change the past to your liking. I caught you kissing plenty of young ladies before you decided you liked me after all.”


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