Book #9, HALF, is done.

on Sunday, April 15, 2012
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I did it. 

It nearly killed me, but I did it.

To get an idea: I wrote 8,000 words on Friday, 10,000 words on Saturday, and 13,000 words today in order to pull this off. 

I feel like this book just kept squeezing and squeezing me until the words came out, but it ended up working out because I finished it. Half is complete.

And I have a book now about vampire hunters, elves, and supernatural diseases. Yay?

Here's some fun facts.

Total Words: 79,590 (so close to 80k I can taste it! Edits will probably bump it up)
Days Written: 15 (Sunday to Sunday to Sunday. April 1st to April 15th)
Average Words a Day: 5306
Chapters: 25 and an epilogue
Total Time: 30 hours (exactly. Weird)

Wacky stats? I'm really tired, but I can manage a few.

Main Hero Characters: Five
Character Deaths: That's a spoiler, foo'!
Vampire Deaths: There's...a lot. Most on camera.
Stages of the Vampire Disease: Five
Types of Supernatural Beings that show up: Five
Werewolves in the book: ZERO. 
Really bad jokes from the protag: There's lots of these
Ending promising a sequel? Of course

Despite starting simply because I thought writing a book about somebody half-vampire would be a cool idea, this book really developed and took off in directions I didn't expect. Re-reading it (granted I was skimming it) I found I actually really enjoyed both reading and writing it. Of course, it's my own thing so I'm probably biased, but after some clean-up this might actually not be a horrible thing.

I could publish it on Kindle at least. Just saying. 

Point being that while it's easy to dismiss it as "another vampire book," I did try to do things that would make it enjoyable to read, while sticking to the mythology enough but infusing it with some personal ideas of my own. I actually ended up really liking the world, even if they don't dig deep into it at all, and will probably revisit this series (?) sometime when I'm pissed off at another book and need to go on a writing blitz (I'm looking at you, A Straight Cut).

So Book #9 wasn't quite what I expected, and that means Book #10 is probably going to be A Straight Cut. So we'll see how long it takes me to finish that now that I'm used to writing 5000 words a day.

Also, I thought of a brilliant idea for the best children's book ever which I'm totally writing after A Straight Cut, but the premise is a secret to everybody but my writing group so YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO WAIT. 


Charlie Holmberg said...


You disgust me with your productivity.

Congrats! Is this novel #8?

Charlie Holmberg said...

oh, it's number 9, I'm a moron. But you still freak me out.

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