Writing Update

on Tuesday, April 10, 2012
I've been quiet and it's late so this will be a brief post, but I figured I'd give a status update.

I've been writing Half for every day. According to my calculations, if I wrote two chapters a day every day this week, I'd finish the book on Sunday. Unfortunately, I'm currently a chapter and a half behind due to procrastination and the fact that this is "Hell Week" (something that happens every other week where I work 6 days of the week). I also have stuff planned almost every evening this week, which makes it hard, as well as my crippling Age of Empires Online addiction.

That being said, I've written, on average, 5,000 words a day over the past 9 days, including the "Bad" day that I only got 1500 out. I've also got a solid plot for the entire book that I actually think is pretty decent, if it is kind of ruined by the fact I used stupid vampires. Whatever, I'm writing for fun, you'll survive.

That's 43,483 words in 9 days. Which is the length of a full middle grade novel and a shorter end YA novel. My final estimation is that this will be around 70-80k. I don't have the last 1/6th of the book set in stone, though, so it might end up being longer.

This is also a very..."pulpy" book. In that I wanted to make it a fun ride but there isn't really any substantial depth to it (though I did try and both remain loyal to mythology and mix it up a bit). It's probably awful, but I really don't care at this point because I'm having a great time writing it and (hopefully) it'll at least be a stupid fun read if I decide to ever share it with anybody.

After I finish I'll be formulating Death's Aria edits and finishing A Straight Cut. I'm hoping to have Death's Aria edited by the end of April or Mid-May at the latest so I can begin sending it out. I have high hopes for that book.

I also spent monday making Steampunk Goggles. If you want to see the details, my wife's blog covers it in more extensive detail.

That's it on my status update. Still writing, still trying to write a book in two weeks. If I didn't work Saturday I'd devote the whole day to it, so I guess I'll be saving that for Sunday.


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