The final stretch of the experiment

on Saturday, April 14, 2012
This movie is gonna be awesome.

So Half is sitting nicely just shy of 60k after around two weeks. I have finished Act 2 and am now on the final act, where everything goes totally bananas. I'm estimating another 4 and a half to 5 chapters remain, and I'm stuck at work until 8 tonight and have plenty to do tomorrow.

I'm gonna do it if it kills me.

To be completely honest, this was probably the worst set of weeks to try this. Last week wasn't extremely busy aside from work, but we did have busy evenings and it was freaking Easter so, you know.

This week was super bad. It was my six day work-week, and in addition almost every single evening (which is when I do most of my writing) was busy with something that ended up going the entire time. As a plus I got to go out to eat twice, saw The Hunger Games, and discovered that Buffalo Wild Wings is pretty much the best place to eat on the planet, but it still put a massive dent in writing time.

So yeah, if I'm doing another "two week" thing, I'm planning it over better weeks.

But still, it's been a very interesting experience, and I plan on giving a detailed write up that nobody will probably care about after I (hopefully) finish on time. Since I'm a discovery writer there was no planning put into this at first, meaning stuff only started to fit together at around the 60% mark, and even then I had to go back and fix all the stupid mistakes I made so that there was "foreshadowing" and all that junk. But again, as an experience I have learned a ton, and hopefully sharing it with you guys will help you with your own writing. Or at least be interesting.

Anyway, that's the story from me. I still plan on doing an episodic Game of Thrones TV show review on here soon, and post some Hunger Games movie impressions. So stay tuned!


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