Writing what feels good

on Monday, April 2, 2012

So I'm switching gears. After being deathly ill last week but still writing ~750 words a day on A Straight Cut, the book hit it's 60,000 word mark and officially hit the point where I hate it. This seems to happen with every book I write at some point: usually around the 40-60k mark I start hating everything about the novel and want to never show it to anybody ever again.

Luckily, I usually push through, but with A Straight Cut I have a problem: I know how the book ends, and I know what I want it to be, but I have no idea how to get there. Or I have an idea, and it is bland.

After some extensive walks and brainstorming, I've decided to set A Straight Cut down for a little bit. Not too long, seeing as I still want to finish it, but I need to take a break and write something else. I need to write something I want to write. Something faster paced. Something with more violence. Something...stupid.

So I'm writing a vampire book.

Yes, you hear it right, I'm succumbing to genre cliches and writing a book with vampires in it. Hey, at least they are hunting them rather than loving them.

It's an idea I've had muddled about in my brain for...well, a long time to be completely honest. I never really went for it because I felt it was 1. Stupid and 2. Falling into mainstream genre trapping, but you know what? I don't care. I wanted to write it, it's going to keep bugging me until I do write it, and I need to write something that I don't care about if it sucks or not for a while.

So I'm going to do it. But in true Nathan fashion, I'm going to make it hard on myself. My goal is to finish this book in two weeks.

I currently have a basic structure of a plot, but not worrying about if it sucks means that if I ever get bored I can add more vampire hunting or bad attempts at humor or whatever the crap I want to keep the story moving. Which also means no excuses for a poor wordcount: I've been slagging off this year so far on my wordcount, so I'm hoping this'll pull it back up. We are going for 3k a day, 4k ideal. Yeah, I know it's a lot, I don't care.

Once it's finished (whether I make the goal or not), I will be editing Death's Aria while writing either the vampire book (called Half) or A Straight Cut on the side (as I have to write new words every day as part of my 2012 goal). From there...who knows.

So that's it. I have a new book in town, and it might suck. Whatever; I need some stress off my back, and this will do that while still not compromising my goals. So here comes Half, you fools. You brought this suckfest upon yourselves. :P


Derek Bown said...

Wait...how did you hating a Straight Cut bring Half upon ourselves?

Nathan Major said...

Because I blame you directly for not being supportive enough. XD

Charlie Holmberg said...

A vampire book? Wow, that will be interesting... I want to see how you do it! YA or Adult?

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