Add-on : Editing isn't THAT awful

on Thursday, July 29, 2010
Ok, so I bag on editing a lot because it bothers me, but isn't that terrible. In fact, it's kinda therapeutic.
Let me clarify: Editing without other people's notes/feedback is totally hell. Often times, I know stuff is wrong, but have no idea what to do. Or, I glaze over crappy parts that need fixing, and dwell on stuff that just seems bad for me for some reason.
However, having an editor/alpha readers/etc. to critique and give feedback makes it LOTS easier. Is it time consuming? Yeah, sure. But its more of a...zen thing. I have a guideline, I just have to follow it. I don't have to draw in to my depths trying to figure out what the crap is wrong with this notes will tell me where people got hung up.
Granted, Felipe made comments every freaking sentence, so I'll get back to you with my opinion in like a week. But still, helpful!

Also, I wrote a 3.5 page synopsis today. It's going to be impossible to trim that down...ok, not impossible, just really hard, so if someone demands it less than 3 pages I'll do that, if not we are stickin' with this.
Going to work my printer to the bone tonight. I need more envelopes. Big ones. FOR MY MANUSCRIPT.

Speaking of therapeutic things, submitting to agents is strangely not as stressful as I'd think. It's stressful to write the first "framework" query, the synopsis, etc, but personalizing queries and actually doing the sending is quite fun.
I'm fully prepared to get a butt-ton of rejection letters, but I'm not stressed. At least I'm doing it, and one of these days somebody will publish me. I'm just hoping it isn't like...myself. :P


Ben Godby said...

I think that, without other people's feedback, editing--other than checking spelling and grammar, simplifying for clarity, and fixing continuity errors--is a fruitless endeavor. It has a better chance of ruining your creative voice than picking up any actual problems you may have written into the work. But after the others get to it, that's when the real work doth begin...


Anonymous said...

Someday I will submit and be like you. :O

Go get 'em! And I can look at your synopsis again if that will help at all.

Jason L Secrest said...

Be excited for the rejections: you'll need something to paper the bathroom in your mansion, yeah?

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