Effulgent Corruption is back in action...for reals this time.

on Monday, July 19, 2010
For reals this time, I wrote some more Effulgent Corruption, and I think I'm finally (for reals this time) starting to get into it (for reals this time).

What I did today (writing wise, the rest of it was studying, which is boring):

- Helped a friend brainstorm an idea for a scene.
- Wrote a good half-chapter in Effulgent Corruption
- Listened to feedback for said chapter (as well as read said brainstormed chapter above and offered feedback)
- Helped the friend (aka Jason) figure out the rest of his book. Jason is plagued by that constant new writer problem: great writing, fun characters, but can't finish a book for the life of him. After plotting and figuring out the end (which, to my surprise, Jason doesn't really plan out, at least not for the most recent novels), our combined powers produced some ideas I thought were actually quite fantastic, and I'm excited to see where his book ends up.
- Brainstormed the next bit in Effulgent Corruption. Actually, I've had this scene planned for a while, and already it's going differently than planned (as it happens when my characters just do whatever they want). Hopefully I can divert them in the right direction.

School with lots of work and a test tomorrow. But I will still try and write 1k. We also beat Diablo II (with expansion) today, so hopefully that will stop any future distractions (yeah, right).

ALSO: We have moved! I have a Writing Room! Expect pictures soon! Hint: It's tricked out in a big way.

Bit from EC I wrote today (not my best, but we'll take it)

The dark man didn’t answer at first. Instead, he just stared at Drake’s face, his eyes squinting, as if trying to decipher something. Drake let him, returning the gaze, determination set in his eyes. The man now spoke in a whisper.
“You were a Kian, yes? Rich? Did not see many Marked, except perhaps servants or slaves. Aia, Miasa?”
Drake didn’t know if he should tell this man his past so openly, but despite his better instincts he gave a slight nod. The Diasaran kept staring.
“Lliar,” he finally said. “General Lliar, aia?”
Drake blinked, then set his jaw. “It isn’t polite to ask one’s name without giving your own, Diasaran. And I asked you a question.”
The dark-skinned man’s lips rose again into a wide smile. “Yes, you are right, Miasa. They called me Flikanda, you may do so if you wish.”
Drake shook his head. “I want your name, Diasaran. Then, perhaps I will tell you mine.”
The man shrugged nonchalantly. “As you wish. My full name is Ziahandara Liam Hanealem. However, that is far too long for any to speak should they wish to keep their breath, so you may call me by my nichanda, nickname: Zahed.”

- Effulgent Corruption, Chapter 4: Zahed


Jason L Secrest said...

Hi, I'm Jason,
(hi Jason)
And I haven't completed a book in ever years.

Yeah, so thanks again for brainstorming w/ me last night Nathan. I couldn't sleep cause my brain wouldn't shut up about the book. Kept waking up and adding notes to my world book. Looking at them now, they make no sense and I can't figure out what I was thinking about =p.

Jason L Secrest said...

PS: we still haven't played the secret cow level. It's calling out to you...

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