Crap that is happening: Queries, editing, and synopsis suck.

on Thursday, July 29, 2010
Wondering what I've been up to recently? Well, you and everybody else. So here's the story.

- Been submitting queries to various agents, though not nearly enough. I stuck to email queries currently, but am advancing in the ranks to written ones starting today or tomorrow. Gotta get as many out before August 1st is my goal. (for those wondering, the queries are for Paradise Seekers)

- Finished Small Favor (next Dresden book) and will have a review up soon. Working on Turn Coat.

- Trying to write a synopsis for Paradise Seekers and wishing I wasn't so wordy. I hate synopsises. Synopsises? Synopsi? Synopsis? Whatever, who cares, the point is they suck. The first one I wrote, with me trying to write fast (and to the "chapter by chapter" thing the internet said worked) was freaking like ten bloody pages long. Yeah, that ain't gonna fly. I'm going to try and trim it down to a nice, manageable three pages right now. And by "trim" I mean "write an entirely new one."

- Editing Paradise Seekers, slow edition. It's slow when it takes an hour to just do two chapters. Luckily, the book is short and doesn't need any extensive edits (unlike WGMD, where the whole third needs rethinking), but it still kills me. I hate editing. It is helpful, however, that I have compiled all the specific notes into a single document I can put alongside me. It's easier to edit when people point out areas they have problems with, rather than me trying to find what I think sucks.

- I start work up again Monday, have a project due next week, and finals the week after. Needless to say, I'm going to be a bit busy, but I'm still going to try and write/edit a lot.

- I figured out Effulgent Corruption's plot, in its entirety. Yeah, I know, I'm all about discovery writing, but even I have to have somewhere to go. I have the world and the most basic idea for the story set out now...time to write it!

Anyway, that's it. I'm going to go write a synopsis in three pages or less. Urgh.


Jason L Secrest said...

I have a feeling that when I actually finish something I will also hate synopsipodes (octopodes is a plural form of octopus, why not extend the idea to synopsis?). I wonder - could this be related to trying to help you improve upon yours? I hate you. The end.

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