WEEKLY WORD COUNT - Week of June 27 - July 4

on Monday, July 5, 2010

Week Dates: 6/27 - 7/4, 2010.
Word Count This Week (Effulgent Corruption): ~2,000.
Word Count This Week (Other; Writing Exercise): ~2,000
Words Total for Effulgent Corruption: 6,881


Excerpts from this week: 

“There is some strength to him, though,” the voice was feminine and unfamiliar, coming from behind the large man blocking the doorway. Drake saw a slim figure step into the room, holding the bright torch. Drake blinked, rubbing his eyes with a dirty, unfeeling hand in an attempt to see. The corruption marks on both his hands glowed quietly; the left one blue, the other red, though they didn’t seem to emit any light on the nearby walls. The woman’s eyes shone a brilliant pale aqua in the torchlight. It was then Drake realized that she wasn’t holding a torch in her hand; it was her palm itself that was illuminated and sending flickering flames up her fingertips. Her hand was dark black, and Drake could see the weaving lines of corruption, like grasping vines, had crept up her wrists. They continued up to where the sleeve of her robe lay, about halfway up her forearm. The woman looked Drake up and down as of considering an animal for purchase, eyes sparkling in her created firelight.

- Effulgent Corruption, Chapter 2 - Prisoner


Well, I haven't done one of these in a while. This is only about two days worth of writing; the rest of the week was spent planning or doing school (which I'm still doing). 

Effulgent Corruption is crawling its way back to life from the gutter, and hopefully we'll see more of it shortly. I'm still shooting for 1k a day minimum, even though I have two tests this week and have been stressing out over those. Plus, we are getting ready to move, which will take up a decent chunk of time. 

The general idea is I'm under-motivated in nearly every regard concerning writing. No idea what this slump is (especially since the transition from WGMD to Paradise Seekers was so smooth...sort of), but I'm going to keep writing until I kill it. 

I also wrote an epic fantasy this week starring poodles and cats. Pretty much I wrote it like it was epic fantasy, except they were all fuzzy animals and had lame names like "Fluffypaws" or something. It was entertaining. Maybe I'll post it here so everybody can see how completely stupid it is. That sounds like a great idea. 

At any rate, I'm reading Dresden, doing school, writing, and playing xbox when I get stressed. Yep, that's about it. Happy 4th (or 5th now) of July and all that, and I'll see you next week. 


Anonymous said...

Please post Fluffypaws. Please. I'll read it, lol.

EC looks interesting. Good luck! Keep at it!

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