Effulgent Corruption - 3,073 words

on Thursday, February 10, 2011
Chapter 1 of Part 2 is off to a magical and wordy start. 3k to introduce our new female protagonist, and a completely different view of the world itself.
Not to blather too much about my own stuff, but after writing 60k of misery and crappiness, switching to a completely different scenario (a rich princess, essentially) who's life is a magical adventure is...a shift.
I am kind of enjoying it. Though I miss doing awful things to my protagonist (don't worry, it'll come!)
Anyway, here's the start of Part 2 for all those who care.

            Ciara pouted at the Gangrene crystals that had ruined her garden. The plot behind the mansion was neither large nor expansive, but Ciara had managed to cram as many plants and flowers as she could manage in just a small area. Tomatoes and carrots, protected by thorny rosebushes all intertwined into a conglomeration of leaves and branches under the shade of a large apple tree. Ciara had taken care to prune and trim the plants, making sure none encroached on each other’s territory, managing a veritable horticultural miracle at the expense of scratched arms and dirty dresses.
            And now the Gangrene had come and spoilt it.


Jason L Secrest said...

Ha. What do you mean, "I miss doing awful things to my protagonist."

You started by ruining the thing this girl cherishes most and worked the hardest for. You suck.

Such a pretty garden too...

Charlie said...

Nice, I like the excerpt.

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