Effulgent Corruption - Crossing to 70k

on Monday, February 14, 2011
I'm crossing the 70k mark. That makes this book longer than Paradise Seekers already.
Just thought you'd like to know.
And I'm actually going to plan part 2 in a vain attempt to keep it a reasonable length. Yeah, it probably won't happen, but who knows.
Also my heroine and fiance went to a dinner party! Exciting times are being had by all, certainly.

He took a long drink then spoke in a hushed tone, like a child relating a ghost story. “Have you heard of the Yawning Maw?”
            “Heard of it?” Thomas snorted. “Surely you jest! The source of the Gangrene? The Heart of its creation? The tomb of the Dead Six?”
            “I forgot,” Edmund groaned as he took another drink of his wine. “I’m speaking with Thomas Divinious II, the boy obsessed with Gangrene.”
            “Not obsessed,” Thomas protested. “Just-“
            “Yes, he’s obsessed.” Ciara butted in, wrapping her arm around Thomas and giving him a coy smile. “But what of the Maw? All I hear about it is either nightmarish stories or how incredible the place is from Thomas.”
            “Well,” Edmund rose his eyebrows at Thomas, clearly relishing the reveal. “I’ll have you know that somebody’s father took him there but two days ago to pick out some new Marked.”
            “What?” Thomas coughed into his drink, nearly spilling. “You’ve been to the Maw? Across Herasha desert? The prison of the damned?”
            “As you say,” Edmund took another drink, the pause long and dramatic.


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