Effulgent Corruption: 46k current, almost done with part 1.

on Thursday, February 3, 2011
I am neglecting this journal, mostly because I have little to say besides I'm still writing a decent amount each day. Posting on here seems self-reveling in a way, pandering books that few people will ever read, but if you actually enjoy it let me know in the comments and I'll try to post more.
Other news: Part 1 of Effulgent Corruption is just about done. I'm estimating two or three more chapters. My goal is to finish this part before Sunday night. In about this same timeframe (a month) I wrote 90k of Steelgods, so my pace is pretty much half speed which is disappointing. I'm going to speed it up and shoot for a 90k in February, meaning I'm going to have to put a minimum of ~3.5k a day. Shouldn't be too hard.
Mostly the reason  I'm sluggish is I'm getting tired of this viewpoint, and I know the next one will be exciting. So, if I finish part 1 by Sunday, I'll be into part 2 and a completely different viewpoint entirely. So that should motivate.
Again, I'm guessing another ~15-20k before this ends. Going to finish it by Sunday night. Seriously.

Here's a bit from what I wrote last night. The current bit is grossing out writing group (so...mission accomplished?) but it's nothing compared to where this story is going.

Slowly he pressed the tip against the base of his pinky finger. The blade did not need coaxing; a light shove pushed it past darkened flesh and to the bone beneath. It stopped there, piercing the blackened bulging skin as Drake steeled himself.
            He knew the strength necessary to rend flesh and shatter bone. He had done it to others countless times on the field of battle, be it arms, necks, or otherwise. For years he’d honed his strength and practiced against dummies and cadavers until he’d come to know the exact amount of force required to rend a limb. It would take an impressive strike to sever my finger in one blow, Drake clenched his teeth, focusing the room around him from his vision, shoving Gabriel’s intrigued expression to the side. It was just knife and him, and he knew what he had to do. It will probably take three stabs before the bone is cut free.
            The blade shone. Drake lifted it high and drew in a deep breath. He saw her face for a moment, the face he had loved more than any other.

- Barter, Drake's viewpoint (Part 1), Effulgent Corruption


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