LTUE rocks when you actually make plans and go and stuff

on Monday, February 21, 2011
I'll admit, I never did LTUE (Life, The Universe, and Everything Convention on BYU Campus; basically a writer's con focusing on scifi/fantasy) very seriously, probably because it came off as a "little BYU" thing.
However! This year I made an effort to plan and go to panels (probably because this was the first year I had to pay ) and I actually had a much better time. Imagine that!
I went to several panels, and am in the process of downloading video/audio for ones I missed. I'm trying to think of something profound to say about LTUE or that I learned, but I paused writing Effulgent Corruption to write this, and I can't get it out of my brain.
Oh yeah, Effulgent Corruption, aka book 6 aka the monstrosity that is enormous. Yeah, that's going well. It'll probably cross over to 80k tonight, and I got a basic idea of where Part 2 is going (finally) so I can finish that and move to Part 3.
Still going to be obnoxiously long, but it can't be helped.
Anyway, LTUE is great, I Don't Want to Kill You is a great book, that's it.
I also have something like 5-6 blog posts stuck in the "still editing" stage, including one on ebooks, one on video games and how their stories all suck and it is your fault, several book reviews, and more.
Hopefully they'll show up someday. Don't cry too much if it takes a while.
Anyway, here's a bit of EC so you don't go insane and stop following my blog.
(this is during a meeting of the Kian, and they are reading the will of...well, you'll see)

            “There is one more thing. ‘To my adopted daughter, and future blood relation Ciara, I give her this enclosed box,’” Gredan lifted the small container in the air with his left hand, “’and included key. This is hers and hers alone, with instruction to not be opened under any condition until after she is officially wed to my son, Thomas Divinious II. Signed, High Kian Marcus Divinious.’”
            Gredan set down the paper and carried the box to Ciara, pressing it gently into her gloved hand. He also produced from his uniform pocket a small golden key, and handed that over as well before stepping back.


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