Effulgent Corruption - PART 1 DONE - 60k

on Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Part one of Effulgent Corruption is finally out of the way. Meaning Drake's viewpoint is on hiatus for a while, and we get to switch to viewpoint character #2 (a girl! Wee!).
It's 60k, which puts it at 60k in a little under two months. Not bad, certainly not my fastest, but adult fantasy seems to be slower for me to churn out than young adult, so you have that.
I also have been averaging 4-5k a day this past week, so no complaints there. Keep it up and maybe I'll finish this book before I'm old and gray.
So Part One: The Yawning Maw is DONE DONE FINALLY YES. Part Two: The Burning City (which I've been itching to write since I started the initial draft way back in July and then swiftly abandoned) is all set to go. I'll start it tomorrow, after I finalize the viewpoint character's name (yes, I discovery write. Hush).
For those careful bloggers, you'd note that I previously mentioned EC has 6-7 parts. You are correct. You then might have done quick math, and realized that if every part is 60k this will be a 360-420k novel. You are also correct (and that is a terrifying # of words; nobody would publish that!). However, I'm certain that, while Part 2 might be as long as Part 1, the rest will be trimmed down to keep it short. I'm really, really trying to keep this under 300k. Yeah, that's still huge, but it isn't AS huge as it could be.
I'm going to ballpark (and bet on it, if I were a gambling man) for 250k. Though I usually get bored at about 120k, so this should be really interesting.
Writing group, you have your work cut out for you. :P

Here's your bit. FUN FACT: Each of the pre-chapter quotes have to do with the death of a deity. Each deity was assigned a part in the book (hence, 6 gods; 6 parts). I thought it was clever (and well organized!).

Here's the last two from Part 1, above chapters Army and Future respectively.

Here Lies Utana
God of All
Savior of Many
Lover of Few
- Inscription carved on the deity Utana’s tomb marker

“Utana was the first. The first to die. The first to leave us. The first to begin the curse that would be the Gangrene. The first to doom us all.
Lantuna was next.”
- Sir Thomas Divinious, Last Scholar of Finala, 154 A.G.D


Anonymous said...

good blurbs...

30k in a month is good! And it might be slower than usual, but your prose is also better than usual, so I think it's a fair trade. XD

Anonymous said...

In keeping with your prior post, when will it be available on line?

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