Effulgent Corruption: Part 3 won't behave

on Monday, April 4, 2011
I'm struggling with Part 3. Despite being excited about it, I'm having the same issue I had with Part 1 way back last July: I'm not identifying with the viewpoint character. It's a common problem, one I often have because I discovery write and therefore don't know the intricacies of my characters until after a passage of time, but still...it leads to frustration.
Aside from that, I'm managing a measly 1k a day, which is something but hardly enough to suit me. I've brainstormed well with my wife and pretty much have this whole section in my head, it just comes to writing it and making so it isn't awful.
This is also the last week of Sanderson writing group, which is too bad. Here's hoping the group will continue submitting/reading instead of falling off the face of the planet. :P
Once I finish Part 3 I'm technically going to be over half way done. I'm doing some basic plotting of the next parts, but it will be substantially shorter than the first couple. I'm excited for both all the reveals and all the crazy stuff that will happen, put in to intentionally piss my readers off. We'll see how that goes.
Steelgods edit has been sluggish, but I'm considering submitting it to a variety of people while still editing. Can't hurt, right?
That's all from over here. Playing Pokemon. My team is the destroyer of worlds.


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