Effulgent Corruption and Daily Blog Updates

on Thursday, April 21, 2011
I'm going to try and do better blog updating, if only to say "here's your dumb post." So now you have more of me in your life, except the more of me might be crap.

Hey, you win some you lose some.

Effulgent Corruption is still going at a reasonable clip. I am forcing myself a minimum of 2k a day, but I'm hoping that'll jump up once I get into a better plotted section of Part 3. I'm also going to try to finish Part 3 by the end of April at the very latest (end of the week might be a better goal, but it has a lot left), and then the rest of the parts will be May and (maybe) June.

After that I'll go back and do minor plot error edits (nothing substantial) and a trim edit, which I'm actually looking forward to. Then it'll go out to whoever wants it and then sit for a while while I write Steelgods or something to relax.

This book is totally ruining my "5 books in 2011" goal, but I'm still shooting for it. Now it's more a "3 books before Worldcon" goal, which seems much more doable.

Aside from that, not much. My magical present was indeed a Dell Mini 10v Netbook, which I Hackentoshed (it only took like four reformats before I got it working) to get Snow Leopard running. It's a great machine; if you are looking for a writing netbook I highly recommend it. Unlike most netbooks, this one's keyboard is 90% the size of a regular keyboard, meaning it's very comfortable to type on. It is also small but not tiny and has a big HDD. I'm really digging it, and write on it even more than my regular computer. The fact I got it for like 50% off the already super-cheap "used" price is just icing.

I'll post pictures with it eventually, maybe with some EC on it to prove the point.

Not having writing group anymore is killing my motivation, but I'll survive. Stupid seasonal friends. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. :P

Keep it real.


CNHolmberg said...

Ha ha. Seasonal.

How much was the netbook?

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