Effulgent Corruption - Present is in production

on Thursday, April 14, 2011
So I know you are all wondering about what my mystery present was from last post. All like...four of you.
Well I got it but it unfortunately isn't photogenic yet; I managed to "break" it twice last night and so I'm running a third attempt. Just know it is totally writing related and (when I get it to work) will be totally amazing.
I have been failing hard at writing a lot. I'm actually not really in a rut, more that I'm out of the habit, which is just as bad. The combination of work and a sudden influx of Xbox game sales (yes, that is the actual reason) basically ate away all my evening time. The good news is that I beat a bunch of games! Yay!
Yeah, that's not anything to celebrate. Hush.
On a more writing/positive note, walks with my wife to plot things have once again resumed (yay!). I actually had to get a general idea of this section before writing, which is weird because usually I can just bludgeon my way through. I think I'm finally finding a balance of planning and discovery that works well for me, because more often than not before I'd plan chunks, then when I hit the transitions to the next chunk things...sucked.
So I have literally no excuses now to not churn out 5-6k a day save laziness and incompetence. So I'd better get on that (I did get 4k out Tuesday, though).
Expect pictures of the thing I bought hopefully tonight in full working condition. Or expect more cussing from me when the thing inexplicably stops working and I have to start over again.


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Is it a netbook with snow leopard?

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