Four days to prove myself

on Friday, April 29, 2011
Ok, here's the plan.

Effulgent Corruption is about 6-8 chapters away from the end of Part 3. Then we get back to Drake. That is going to be amazing.

I wanted to be done by May with Part 3. But it looks like that might be...troublesome. Especially with Persona 3 FES sitting in my PS3's disc drive. And the fact I'm hanging with Chuck tomorrow night (and eating CULVERS! AW YEAH.)

However, I have a three day weekend since I don't work next Monday (replaced with working next Saturday, but w/e). That means I have a decent amount of time to write a lot.

So I'm going to try it. I will also report when I write a lot up here.

I'd bribe myself with presents, but I already bought myself a bunch of crap for other stuff (Kinect, new Netbook, new...tire for my car. Ok that one doesn't count) and my tax return is rapidly disappearing, so...I'll just have to go with a feeling of competent self-satisfaction for a job well done.

Because that's always worked before.



Anyway, I will post QUOTES and UPDATES periodically. Goal tonight is to write a chapter and a half. Yesterday I wrote an entire chapter in an hour and a half, so it certainly would be possible if I remain focused.

Also my wife pointed out an important edit in the chapter before last that I probably should address before I forget it. So I have that to do as well.

LIFE. Isn't mine exciting?

And here's a massive quote from what I wrote yesterday, because I've been lazy about that.

Rook withheld stepping from the wagon until one of Vandel’s friends took him by the hand and lead him to the ground. One handed him a small cane, to which Rook smiled and thanked the man. He stood patiently as they unloaded the Marked from the back of the wagon, trying his best to not think of them.
“You want to kill them, just embrace it,” Grax leapt down from his perch to land next to Rook. He wore Vandel’s attire now: a dark brown cloak with light leather armor beneath, though Rook noted the gangrene necklace was absent from the outfit. “It’ll be easier than claiming you don’t have the desire at all, and will make you quicker to the killing should the need arise.”
“I am not risking it,” Rook whispered, careful the Saints couldn’t hear him over the clatter the Marked were making. “You have enough control as it is.”
“Ah yes, your adorable story,” Grax gave a long hack, spitting into the Marked’s cage. “I never knew you thought of me as a friend, Rook. I guess I’ve been treating you too softly these past several years.”
“You died in my story, if you recall,” Rook responded, watching the last of the Marked as they lurched from their cage. “Perhaps that will better your understanding of my opinion of you.”
Grax shrugged. “I’ve been dead for over two centuries. This is hardly a startling revelation.”

- Effulgent Corruption, "Blind"


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