Flat Tire, Kinect, Persona 3, Slowly but Surely

on Thursday, April 28, 2011
Daily updates have failed because I only have time to update from work. But here is what's been going on in my life (this also might not be writing related. You'll survive).

- Got a massively bad flat tire on the way to work today, where after driving just about a mile on it without knowing the tire shredded. So it needs to be replaced. There was a nail embedded in the side of it which wasn't there when I pulled out of the driveway. Weird. At least it isn't too expensive to swap one tire on a small care.

- We bought a Kinect for atrociously cheap, cheap enough that it would be a "let's see if this thing is cool" buy rather than a "I really want this product so badly!" buy. Yep, we are masters of finance. Hey, our tax return was...large and in charge, so we can splurge a little.

- I'm playing Persona 3: FES, which is basically just a better version of Persona 3. This is all GiantBomb (my favorite gaming website)'s fault, because they did an "Endurance Run" of Persona 4 (meaning they recorded themselves playing every minute of this 100 hour game with commentary), and I the game looked really awesome, so I played 3. It's...like crack. It's extremely Japanese (and those who know me know I can be a bit jaded towards Japanese culture...though I do know a considerable amount about it from my "otaku" phase pre-mission) but is quite well crafted. Basically it's a mix between a grind-fest RPG, pokemon creature collection and breeding, and a high school management/dating sim. Really. And it all integrates together very well, making it...very addicting. If you have a PS2, I recommend checking it out; you can grab it off amazon for only $20.

- Effulgent Corruption is plodding along, and I mean plodding. I haven't been exceptionally motivated to write a lot since I started work, meaning about 2k a day is all. At this rate I'll never finish it, which is bad (note: "never finish" in that sentence actually means "not finish until like June"). I have Part 3 completely plotted (about 6-7 chapters left), I just need to actually sit down and churn it out. It's just been more "pulling teeth" writing recently rather than "I CAN'T STOP" writing, which is too bad. I'm going to try and avoid Persona 3 and write tons tonight and tomorrow in an attempt to get into the final phases of Part 3, then on Saturday I can finish the damn part 3 and then move on.

That's it from over here. Maybe I need a new batch of writing music...any recommendations? I usually listen to video game soundtracks as they tend to 1. Not have words/singing 2. Be exciting enough without being overwhelming. Specifically I enjoy The Witcher, Rise of the Argonauts, and the Trine soundtrack. If anybody has any other ideas, throw 'em over (usually RPG soundtracks work best as well)


Cholisose said...

I'd like to play Persona 3 or 4 one day. I've heard nothing but good things about them.

I've recently been enjoying the soundtrack to a game called Fragile Dreams (for the Wii). It's quiet and soft music, though--might not be what you're looking for. But it's done by Riei Saito and Aoi Toshima.
For something more rock and roll, I've been enjoying the Guilty Gear XX soundtrack lately.

More RPG-ish soundtracks I've liked in the past include Tales of Symphonia and Skies of Arcadia.

Nathan Major said...

I will dig up some of those, thanks. I have BlazBlu's soundtrack (basically the "next gen" Guilty Gear), and that's pretty decent. I was so awful at the Guilty Gear games, though.

And I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Persona games. 4 is much funnier and more lighthearted, while 3 is very dark. Both games play nearly exactly the same, so basically you pick the aesthetic you dig more and pick that game. Or play both, if you have like 200 hours of your life to burn away.

Plus if you like j-poppy music, Persona games are for you. It drives my wife nuts; I don't mind too much (it fits the game, so I can't complain).

CNHolmberg said...


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