Effulgent Corruption: Afterglow/warmdown

on Sunday, July 24, 2011
I'm doing a final rough draft edit of Effulgent Corruption. Not enough for me to merit calling it a whole new draft, but mostly just cleaning up discovery writing crap that made it over and spell-checking/sentence fixing. I've already found stuff I want changed/cut before the next edit (there's going to be a substantial amount cut, which will hurt but is necessary), but I'm not doing it until I do the actual edit, which will probably be in September.
My goal is to finish this edit by the end of the week. I just finished part 3 of 7, which for word count is actually more than half way through. So I'm glad this will soon be over, I can set the book down knowing it's something I'd be willing to show somebody (even though I'd prefer if they waited for the next draft), and then move on to something new. Gears, aka the book I don't care if it is terrible.
I am not a huge editing fan, as you all probably know already, but my hatred of editing is only half true. I actually don't mind editing if somebody (either writing group or an editor) gives me a general direction of where to go. I'm not the best self-editor when it comes to my work, mostly because I don't like cutting things I think are clever or entertaining. But when somebody straight up says, "this is unimportant; axe it," it's a lot easier.
At any rate, what else have I been doing? I upgraded to OSX Lion on the Macbook and the Mac Mini. I like it a lot on the Macbook because it has a touchpad, which the OS seems to be designed for. Not as big a fan on the Mini, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.
Other news is I have an NES! I'll dedicate a post to that once I get around to it. I have a lot of games and I'm really enjoying digging up old favorite and playing 'em.

I have to start writing again. Editing is good, but I'm already feeling like my days are missing something because I'm not writing. Maybe I'll start Gears tomorrow (or continue what I started way back last year) just to make myself feel better. Get a head start (I'm going to try and write that whole book before the end of August).


Jason L Secrest said...

Hint taken. I'll try to get better at pointing out the drivel. XD Also, thank you for telling me that you were going to edit all day, whether you did or not. It helped spur me on.

CNHolmberg said...

Maybe you should cut first--otherwise you're fixing sentences you might be cutting in a month :O

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