Novella Finished: The Ashen Destroyer

on Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Guess what? I wrote another thing! Glorified fan-fiction...I mean a prestigious novella based on Effulgent Corruption: The Ashen Destroyer!

Guess who the star is. 

This was written as an ease-in while I planned my next book, a sort-of-YA-but-it's-looking-more-like-adult-all-the-time fantasy called A Straight Cut, which uses ideas from the "Canyon Story" blurb I wrote a few years back.

Even though it's glorified fan-fiction, it still gets some stats.

Total Words: 35,782
Days Written: 18
Average Words a Day: 1988
Chapters: 10

Now for some zany stats!

New Characters (not in Effulgent Corruption): Two
Ones I want back in the EC Sequel: One
Main character cameos: Four
Deaths: Seven (but most are in the intro chapter)
Cities Visited: One (Reneta, which we don't see in the main book)

Now that this is done, that means tomorrow I have to start on A Straight Cut, and I'm excited! My goal is to finish the whole book by the end of March, and since the more I plot the longer it seems to be getting, that might actually be a difficult goal. Good thing I finished The Ashen Destroyer early so I have some extra days.

I'm also getting more alpha readers responding back for Death's Aria, and the response has been both positive and extremely helpful. Thanks to all those who are Alphaing it, and if you still want in on this action just shoot me an email or a comment.

That's all from me. Look forward to another Wordle at the end of March!


Charlie Holmberg said...

I like that title--A Straight Cut. Interested to see what this book will bring!

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