Those of you with Kindles: It's bombing time.

on Tuesday, February 7, 2012
For those who know (or don't know) Larry Correia, I wrote a review of his Monster Hunter International book a while back and quite liked it's. He's a Utah author who specializes in crazy B-movie monster-killing novels that are somehow both incredibly corny and amazingly fun. It's hard to write a B-movie that's actually funny and not garbage, and harder still to do it in book form, so it's impressive that Larry has done this like six times and pretty much hasn't failed yet.

But this isn't about Larry. Well, not really.

Larry is book bombing someone tomorrow, and those unfamiliar should know that Larry has a massive blog following, and he always wants to help out both new or down-on-their luck authors by encouraging his blog members to all buy a copy of a particular author's book at once. When he found out Robinson Wells was diagnosed with severe panic attacks and was laid off from his job, for example, the Larry Book Bomb Brigade (or whatever they are called) managed to buy every single paperback copy of his (great) YA thriller Variant from in one night, pushing it to nearly the top of the charts. It didn't beat out the Hunger Games individual books, but it did beat out the compilation, which is nothing to sneer at.

But this isn't about Robinson Wells either. It's about Paul Genesse.

Paul Genesse is one of my favorite local authors and speakers, mostly because he's just so damned nice. Often times when you go to conventions there are plenty of famous authors and artists that are more than willing to politely tolerate you for a short while, entertaining your visions of grandeur and giving you decent but sometimes repetitive advice. That's all well and good. But something that's stuck out to me about Paul is the fact that he has always been extremely genuine with every conversation I've had with him, be it about ebooks, writing, or whatever. Where others have blown me off or again, simply tolerated my harassment, Paul is an amiable person through and through who has both given advice and listened to what I've learned during my "career" as a poser writer.

He also loves A Song of Ice and Fire, which admittedly puts him in a big group but hey, that's always a plus.

His kindness and patience is especially worth noting as we've (myself and Jason Secrest) run in to the poor guy at nearly ever convention known to man at this point (be it LTUE, CONduit, World Fantasy, or WorldCON) and every encounter Paul has taken the time to introduce us to his friends, colleagues, fellow authors, agents, or editors. Last World Fantasy we even ran into him when he was in the middle of a conversation with other people who are, you know, actually published, but instead of just waving and hoping we'd go away he invited us to just come hang out with them like we were one of the guys. It may sound stupid, but it really makes you feel more confident when you find out other authors are awesome, friendly people, and it helps build that social network everybody blabs on about.

But most importantly it's just being nice, regardless of whether or not you are annoyed that these two punk wannabe authors (one with a big red beard and the other gloriously absentminded) you are still willing to stick your neck out for them because you care, and I think that shows something Paul has that few do: he cares about the industry, he cares about other authors, and for that I applaude him and also stand in a sort of reverent awe.

I realize this is a super-mushy post which probably sounds like me going all fanboy in some attempt to glean recognition, but I honestly really think this way about Paul, and I wanted you to know that because of one simple reason:


The details are on Larry's blog, but basically poor Paul has been sitting on the third book of his series in a sort of limbo. The publisher didn't really want to put it out but they also didn't want to give him the rights to his series back, seeing as the first two still sold a hefty amount of cash. So it was a Catch-22 of sorts. Luckily Paul has gotten all those rights back and is blasting Amazon with all his books, so you should go buy them as stated above and help support an author who cares.

Also his Crimson Pact anthologies are really good, too, so buy those while you're at it. And now in an attempt to scrape the layer of mushy corny cheese off this fluff-filled post, here is a hilarious picture about grammar and baby seals.


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