Week in Review for 2/20/2012 - 2/26-2012

on Sunday, February 26, 2012

It was a pretty good writing week this week. I finished The Ashen Destroyer, clocking it at ~35,000 words. Now I'm onto A Straight Cut, my YA fantasy novel set inside a massive canyon that spans an entire world. We are already selling kids into slavery and branding them with magic brands, so we know this book's gonna be good.

Here's the stats for this week. I haven't written yet today, so I'll count it on next week's.

Words Written: 10,892
Daily Wordcount Average: 1815
Current Project: A Straight Cut
Next Up: Death's Aria edits

Currently Reading: Everneath by Brodi Ashton
Page: 60 / 350

I'm not too talkative this week, but we are doing a critique of Death's Aria in writing group this week, so expect edits after A Straight Cut. 

See you next week.


Charlie Holmberg said...

The canyon spans an entire world?

That is cool. I hate it when you come up with the cool stuff before me.

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