Writing Week in Review: 2/13/2012 - 2/19/2012

on Sunday, February 19, 2012

So on my other blog I do a sort of "Week in Review" every...week (duh) that sums up all my reviews for the week and gives a sort of blurb for what I'm going to do (or plan to do) in the upcoming week.

And today I thought "Hey! I could do that for my writing blog, too!" So I'm gonna.

Rather than reviews, since Jason was kind enough to make a google doc that has all my wordcounts, I'll give you some wordcounts, stats, and other fun stuff I decide on.

Words Written: 14,542
Time Spent: 6 hours, 15 minutes
Daily Wordcount Average: 2077
Current Project: The Ashen Destroyer
Next Up: A Straight Cut (YA, fantasy, "canyon story")

Currently Reading: Mistborn: Alloy of Law (Brandon Sanderson)
Current Percentage: 72%
Percent Increase: 56%
Next Up: The Golden Cord (Paul Genesse)

This week I plan on finishing The Ashen Destroyer, probably on Monday, and then spending most of my time staring up A Straight Cut and planning specifics. Death's Aria is also currently out with Alpha readers, so that'll be the project once I have sufficient feedback. I'm really enjoying writing The Ashen Destroyer mostly because 1. I'm glad to revisit the Effulgent Corruption world and 2. Since it's a novella that probably nobody aside from myself will read, I can just burn through it and not care of it is written like garbage. A note on #2 though: I like the story quite a bit. Minerva has been an interesting character to explore, and while we all know nothing is going to end up good for her in the end, getting there had been a treat. This actually has a character arch and decent twist in it, so it's got that going for it.

So that's me this week. See you next Sunday!


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