Editing again.

on Sunday, August 15, 2010
Still doing the next Paradise Seekers edit. It's going slowly, which sucks, but it isn't going badly, which doesn't suck.

I'm working again next week, for ~40 hours, which will be good for both money and giving me something to do. The plan is to read a lot, get inspired, maybe write and edit too. Depends on how busy it is (hopefully not too busy, but you never know).

Saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World on Saturday, and it totally rocks. However, there is a sort of a disclaimer: to fully enjoy the movie, you have to be fully immersed in the nerd/video game culture. If you have dabbled in it, you'll probably still have a fun time, but you won't get all the clever winks and nods that pop up nearly every time you turn around. The film had a sort of kinetic energy that has to really be respected; I hope they make more movies like it. Loud, colorful, over-the-top action sequences that aren't depressing or "super serious" like the modern-day trend seems to be.

Effulgent Corruption has been (again) put into the back-burner for my editing. Once I'm done, however, I'll start writing again. I might try writing and editing (heaven forbid!). Now that I'm not in school for two weeks, I should have a lot less stress.

I was going to say something about writing, but I forgot what it was, so I guess it wasn't important. Plus, this marked Alpha copy of Paradise Seekers next to me is screaming for me to get to it, so I'd better obey.


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