"ly" word Armageddon

on Tuesday, August 17, 2010
The end of days has come to these "ly" words, because I've found that editing them is a task well suited for work (read: it doesn't require much brain-power, but is very productive).
After checking that, I pulled up Where Gods and Mortals Dance. Joy of joys, it has 4044 "ly" words.
Holy balls.
Doing a quick math check, that's 2.25% of total book words. Paradise Seekers was only about 1.7%. "Only."
I'm not going to say Effulgent Corruption's, because...it's bad. I guess when I get wordier I just add more "ly" words. REDUNDANT DESCRIPTION. SOMEONE DOESN'T NEED TO ANNOUNCE SOMETHING "LOUDLY." COME ON NATHAN.
However, there is a good side to this story. Now that I'm aware of my infatuation with crappy words, I can nip it in the bud here on out. Plus, cutting them from Paradise Seekers is strangely therapeutic, mostly because it makes most sentences loads better.
Needless to say, the day of reckoning for "ly" words is here, and the unrighteous will be purged. All those "loudly," "softly," and "precariously" will be removed. Actually, "precariously" is a pretty cool word. I'll keep those.
Plus, this cuts down on my word count. Slowly. <---"LY" WORD! OMG.
Anyway, nobody care about this, but that's too bad for you.


Ryan said...

Really? Only? Silly.

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