Paradise Seekers - 3rd Strike (Edit) is DONE

on Tuesday, August 31, 2010
News comin' right up, dished with a side helping of JUSTICE!*

- Just finished the third Paradise Seekers edit. And just in time, too. Though, truthfully, it isn't completely done (I still have to nit-pick my way through for word repetition), but most sentences have been fixed and a few key plot points edited. Particularly the last two chapters, which suffered a bit of extensive changes to get the final point of the book across.
So yeah. That's done. Hooray!

- "Steelgod September" has now become "Epic Steelgod Heroes of Amar" September, because the rest of Writing Group 1.0 is getting in on this "Write a whole book in a month or else" action (and are writing Epic Heroes and The Ring of Amar). Should prove entertaining. Maybe we should make a competition out of it. Except the last one didn't go anywhere.

- Went to The Way of Kings midnight sale-a-thon, decided to get Jason and Derek's books personalized and my copy of Elantris, and it ended up taking until freaking three in the morning (I had school at 8). It was fun, until the day after (read: right now) when I wanted to pass out. We chatted with Dan Wells a little and Jason got his Kindle signed by both of them. Good times were had by all. I also covet Dan Wells' iPad now.

- Might of the Steelgods isn't nearly as planned out as I'd hoped (I still haven't figured out towns in the main area of the world, where this whole first book takes place) but you know what? Screw it. Discovery writing = the best, so there you go.
Overall, however, I have a general idea, a few weird ideas, and some bad ideas that will all mix together into an interesting story. Plus it'll give me more time away from Effulgent Corruption. Hey, speaking of that book...

- Effulgent Corruption is getting a minor overhaul (whenever I get back to it) in terms of the magic system. Mostly because I think the world, setting, characters, and aftermath of the magic works great, but the magic the people actually use is...well, unoriginal. Actually the only really unique magic system I've made thus far was the blood magic (Stampede) in Harbinger. If I want Effulgent Corruption to excel, all points within need to excel. I'll be considering that whilst I write Might of the Steelgods, which, coincidentally, has a cool magic system. One I should flesh out a bit more (or not, since that's what future books in the series are for).

That's my life. Since I finished Paradise Seekers and I'm totally exhausted, I think I'm going to go play xbox or something now. Ta ta!

*Justice is $0.30 extra.


Ryan said...

Sounds like you've been busy. All I do is homework and video games, not necessarily in that order.

Anonymous said...

The magic system in TWoK is really cool. I'm only past the prologue, but I like it so far.

Then I think I'll never write as good as Sanderson does, lol.

But I'm thinking this won't be another Warbreaker, thank goodness. Good luck on the writing. I have my post-it notes ready when you need alpha readers.

And then I'll trade you TWoK (if you don't get it elsewhere) for my plate.

Thanks again for la party!

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