Updates: Maybe Writing Related, Maybe Not

on Sunday, August 1, 2010
Since I don't have a real blog (or I do, I just never update it), you get random spouting of crap here!

Here's what I did this week!

- Read three Dresden books. I read Changes in one day, starting at about 3:00 pm and going until 3:00 am the next morning. I had church the next day at 9:00 am. Needless to say, I was tired. But holy crap was that a finale. I'm having problems coping with the fact there won't be a full Dresden book until 2011, though. I might die.

- Next book up: The Name of the Wind. I know Chuck wasn't a huge fan, but I'm gonna try anyway.

- Did some editing and some writing, but not as much as I should have. I did, however, submit to something like ten agents. Two have gotten back so far (rejections, obviously), and I have some more lined up once I do more editing.

- On that subject; I wonder how much a person judges from a query letter? All these agencies that just want that letter...wouldn't it be hard to determine an author based just on that? I can think of many books that have sold well that probably wouldn't have sounded great summed up into one paragraph; it was the writing style and the storytelling that made the book captivating and sell so well. I dunno, if I was an agent, I'd always ask for a sample chapter, and maybe even their best chapter. You can gauge a lot from a writer based on just one chapter, I think, even out of context. Point being, while I enjoy having to only send my query (it's easier), I don't think it helps my odds. Doesn't matter too much, just a thought.

- Back on subject of writing; going to try and edit more, at least two chapters a day until Paradise Seekers is done. I also have my final project for a class, as well as two finals next week. Urgh.

- I go back to work tomorrow. Summer is officially over for me. I'm both excited and miffed. I like money, though.

- I reformatted and reinstalled OSX on my laptop. Yes, I reformatted a mac. At least it lasted about two years this time. It was booting up really slowly and the fan was having weird issues; all of these things were probably my fault for putting tons of TOTALLY LEGAL NOT PIRATED crap on it, so it's good to have a clean slate. I put everything I care about on dropbox anyway (hint: if you are a writer, you need this. Instant backups everytime you save? Heck yes.)

- Going to try and put 1k a day in Effulgent Corruption. This is on top of editing. We will see.

- Fixed the internet, sort of. I found if I run the cord from the upstairs router/modem into a router down here, it works at a decent pace (and the writing room finally has freaking internet). The problem is, if I run a cord from that router to the xbox, my ping (response time) gets blasted through the roof, making the xbox unplayable online. So, the only real solution seems to be stringing another 40 foot cord down through the ceiling (luckily we already have a hole) and plugging the Xbox directly into that one. Yeah, it'll be fun. At least it'll work.

- Watching Invader Zim and Darkwing Duck with the wife. We are both sharing favorite cartoons (you can probably guess which one's mine...hint: it's the weirder one). Fun times.

- I have been feeling weird, have a terrible headache, and have been failing at writing. However, I'm going to keep pushing on. I don't know what brought about this lack of motivation, but I'll beat it eventually.

That's it. Back to life as usual tomorrow. It's been a decent summer. I wrote two books in it (well, finished one and wrote another), so it wasn't all bad.


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