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on Friday, August 20, 2010
It'll probably be easier if I just do this by book. Helps organize my thoughts, too.

Where Gods and Mortals Dance

I'm considering my (hopefully soon) edit of this, and trying to figure out what needs to be fixed and how. I currently have come to a few conclusions (which I'll try to keep spoiler free):
- The first 1/3 needs to be condensed and fixed. This was because about 2/3rd of the way through the first 1/3 of the book (confused by the fractions yet?) was when I really figured out what was going on with regard to Dire's politics. Now that I have an idea, I can rewrite it to make it less...boring.
- There needs to be a part between the current Part 1 (Condemned) and Part 2 (Voice). Specifically, Part 1 needs to focus on Ailene's distrust of Dratan (a theme never really brought into focus) and then a more detailed evaluation of their plans and how they come into fruition.
- Part 2 works currently, but needs some trimming. Also, Ralf's entire involvement in the scheme needs to be clearer, something that would hopefully be fixed in the yet-unwritten Part "1.5."
- Part 3 is, to me, almost perfect. It could be a bit longer, explaining the two factions that take Dire over after the...*ahem* rather dramatic plot twist at the end of Part 2. Also, the ending reveal could be hinted at more. Or not, because I'm considering doing a sequel (The Truth Behind His Voice) should this ever go anywhere.
- Also considering rewriting the Epilogue from Useless's POV. Or not. As of now, there are two chapters total from the Useless God's POV, the first real chapter and the last real chapter. Actually, I like that. Forget what I just said.
- Fixing the Dratan/Ailene relationship, but I already figured that out.
- Random thought: I'm considering starting the book with Ailene already usurped, or something to that effect. Though, I suppose having her city Condemned is an exciting start, it just...is slow going. We'll see.

Writing this got me pumped to edit it. I'll also have to do something about the 4044 "ly" words in the stupid book. It runs at 186k currently, and I'm afraid even after extensive edits it might end up longer. I seriously think this is the best book I've written (it is certainly my favorite, even over Paradise Seekers), and I'd like to have it in a state I'd feel comfortable sending it to agents/editors.

Paradise Seekers

- Still editing, about half way through my extensive edit. So far, I've not added much to the overall plot, though I have been cutting sentences like crazy. The plan is that, once I finish this edit, I'm going to print it out again (just for me though), grab a red pen, and go through figuring out which parts to just straight up chop out. I need to cut it's length to about 65 or 60k, so I'm gonna do it.
- I have this love/hate thing with the novel. Not with the story, but my prose. Sometimes I feel like I write great, and other days I completely despise it and think I should just quit and get a real job. I have no idea what the deal is with this.
- Despite me dissing it, Paradise Seekers really makes me want to write more YA, specifically some fast-paced YA series. I have an idea of one currently, and with Effulgent Corruption slowly trying to die, maybe I'll do what I did with Paradise Seekers (read: plan the first book in the Might of the Steelgods series while writing Effulgent Corruption, then blast through it with a month as my goal). Here, I'll devote a section to it.

Might of the Steelgods (Book 1)

- This is my YA series that I've been considering. It would probably span any number of books I wanted it too, as the setting and characters make it ripe for multiple adventures. It's a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, which is cool, and is in first-person.
- As stated above, I'm considering just extensively planning the novel as I did with Paradise Seekers, then taking a month off from Effulgent Corruption to write this entire book. A 70k novel only requires about 2,500 words a day to be finished in a month, which I could totally do if I forced myself. It would be a fun goal, and would give me something else to show agents/editors if they didn't like Paradise Seekers.
- We'll see what happens with this. Maybe September will be "Steelgod September."

Effulgent Corruption

- As you can guess, I haven't gotten anywhere on this novel. Again. What the crap. Even though I've planned the whole thing (and even have some crazy-cool ideas for my main character that I want to implement), I'm stuck. Probably because I'm having issue telling myself "It's a rough draft. Just write it." Especially since the next few chapters involve Drake in prison and prison politics, and as stated above politics are not my strong suite yet (see WGMD). It makes me anxious, so I don't write for fear of screwing it up.
- Despite my stupidity, I had a few plans for this novel. While the first will be a standalone, this is another book I could see easily developing into a 5+ series of novels. The setting and ideas are way too good for just one book, and I think it would be good for me.
- I really like all the ideas in this book, but for some reason I'm sucking at it hardcore. Maybe Steelgod September is a good idea, then I can get back to this in October.


I know right, WTF? My first book? Why is this on here? For a good reason...

- I want to rewrite it, as a YA novel. Really. I'm going to do it. But not for a while, I'm just considering it currently.


Here's the plan, people.

- For the rest of August, I'm not going to write anything new. That way, if I don't, I won't feel guilty about it. Instead, I'm going to focus on finishing all the remaining Paradise Seekers edits, and plan Might of the Steelgods (yes, I'm outlining. Hush now)
- September is now "Steelgod September", aka, I'm going to write the first Might of the Steelgods book in one month. 2.5k a day minimum. Gonna happen, people.
- After that, business as usual. Back to Effulgent Corruption, yada yada.

So there you have it, Nathan's life goals. Plus, school, work, all that other good stuff. Maybe I'll survive this fall. Maybe not. Oh well.


Anonymous said...


Wow, that's a big plate for September. But you did PS, so you'll pull this off, I'm sure. Hopefully school doesn't consume you.

Also, I never had much problem with PS prose, if that helps.

Nathan Major said...

Well that sort of helps, but I know what OTHER problems you had with it. ;)

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