Editing, editing, submitting.

on Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Been busy editing Paradise Seekers. Actually just finished having Writing Group 1.0 over for a 7 hour revision fest. Yeah. And we only did 75 pages (double spaced).
Good part is it is a lot better now, and I'm going to continue work on the rest of the novel. That's about 1/4-1/3 of the entire book, so hopefully it doesn't take 7 hours next time.
Besides that, I've been submitting, especially with my newly acquired 75 pages of edited content. Granted, I did an edit before; this is with Alpha Reader feedback and going a lot slower. Again, lots of prose improvements.

School is murdering me. I have a final tomorrow and thursday, and a project due as well. I'm hoping I've studied enough, since I'm certain that project is going to take the vast majority of my time. As a perk, however, I got into my capstone program! So I can actually graduate at the end of the year! Party!

Excited about submitting to agents. I already said that, but I'm saying it again. Effulgent Corruption is inching along, mostly because of me editing and school (and work again). Luckily, after Thursday I have two weeks of just work, meaning I'll have free evenings to resume my mad writing.

That's it! I should post some blurb about writing that makes people mad (I'm good at those), but it'll have to wait until after thursday. Any preferences for what you want me to make you angry about?


Charlie said...

7 hours? Wow. Hardcore. I'm jealous.

TR and EC should be friends, since they seem to be progressing at the same rate. :/

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