Blogging instead of editing because ITS MY LIFE AND I'M IN CHARGE

on Friday, October 15, 2010


Been doing school and Starcraft 2, mostly. I figure I deserve at least a little break right? No?
Editing is going atrociously slow, which is really, really bad. Tomorrow I might binge and try to get a good half of the novel done. Again, this isn't major edits (minus perhaps the two "suckage" chapters), but it's enough to clear some continuance issues (like I discovery write and what I think of at the beginning doesn't always translate to the same thing at the end) and get it suitable for an audience that won't just poke me and say, "you spelled this word wrong. Idiot."

I was thinking about how a lot of times I've written stuff, only to go to the movies/buy a game/read a book and find bits of my ideas that were so unique when I thought them up in this stupid thing I've watched/played/read. Then I realize that, since the bastards beat me to it, I'm technically the poser now. What gives! The whole Paradise Seeker is secretly The Maze Runner suffered from that, but there are still a lot of bits that correlate unintentionally.

Now I know nothing is wholly unique. Pretty much anything you write is going to steal bits and pieces from other works. Truthfully, one's entire artistic experience could be considered a patchwork of all the media he/she has ingested, and then you sort of blenderize it, throw in a dash of your personality, and BAM, witches brew of your next book. That being said, I don't think people care much if they are reading the same book over and over (if they did, we'd only have like two books), but they certainly can tell if you blatantly ripped something off.

I'm just frustrated because Steelgods coincidentally had a lot of really, really weird crossover with an anime show. I actually only watched 10 minutes of the damn thing, and over six years ago no less, and still there's weird stuff. Ah well, I'll fix it eventually. If I end up caring.

Not writing sucks. Editing is a decent placeholder for that vacancy, but it is hardly substantial. I'm considering just taking Canyon Story (not the real title) and just barfing out a quick 50k thing without any planning allowed at all, just to see what it becomes. It'll probably suck, but an idea dump wouldn't hurt, and then I'd at least be writing something.

Maybe I could even try sci-fi. That would be new. Except I have no idea how to write sci-fi. That could certainly be interesting.

Well, I've blathered for a while. Enough talk, have at you!


Derek Bown said...

So...which anime was it that influenced Steelgods?

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