Not Writing Sucks

on Thursday, October 7, 2010
It's funny how quickly a hobby can become a habit, and a habit can become and addiction, and not fulfilling the addiction can cause withdrawals.

Point: It's been a week since I've written something, and I'm already going insane.

This might be in part with the fact that Might of the Steelgods, while having a resolution to the book, was left open for the rest of the series. I know my adventures with Cevan and co. are far from over, and that makes me really want to keep going with them.

Or maybe it's because I really like writing, and so not writing has become some sort of weird state of mind. It almost makes me wish I had some throwaway project to work on (which Steelgods actually was, but as I wrote it I become more serious about it) so that I could write and not care about the result.

According to plan, I should be editing Where Gods and Mortals Dance at about now. However, I have to do some serious planning before editing can begin, something I don't want to do. I want to write, not plan.

While I'm sure it will happen, it makes things interesting. Top it off with the fact I've been exceptionally busy (this week just won't end), and you have me wanting to just write and not care about if it sucks or not.

Anyway, the point is that I love writing. I spend much of my day thinking of future book/series ideas, or tinkering with the ones I've already written (or am about to write; Effulgent Corruption has had more planning time than any book to date except Lacrymosa). Not writing is weird now, even if I am enjoying the time playing Xbox or Starcraft 2. Hard to say.

Maybe I should just write some random crap and be done with it. Sounds like a good idea.


Anonymous said...

Good. That means I have time to catch up and PWN you.

Ben Godby said...

Haha, Nathan, I have the exact same feeling. Funny thing is, I started writing because I thought I ought to "do something" with my life that wasn't... boring office work. But now I can't stop writing/thinking about writing. It has become a fibre of my being!

Oh well. There are worse habits to have!


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