Steelgods, Where Gods and Mortals Dance, and other odd shenanigans

on Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm revising my upcoming plan, and for those who care...well here it is. For those who don't care, too bad. You'll get a real blog post soon, where I talk about how Starcraft 2's story is total bollocks. I might write about something else, too, once I get past midterm season.

Here's the new plan:
1. Re-read Might of the Steelgods for very basic edits. Nothing major, then we'll let it sleep.
2. Plan and begin WGMD edits. This is going to actually involve a lot more planning than usual. I might not even get to editing before the end of October, but I'll try. Maybe a good goal is to get half of it edited.
3. Get Might of the Steelgods to an Alpha, get it out to people to read. I want to have it in a submission edit before 2011. Yes, I'm serious about this.
4. Try and finish WGMD edits before 2011, if possible. I'm not certain if it is.
5. Still do Effulgent Corruption for Brandon's class or Steelgods Book 2. That will depend on how confident in Steelgods I am.

That's it.

Fun Facts

- I have written three complete books this year. Two YA and one Epic Fantasy.
- Total I have written ~350,000 words this year. Considering it is said your first million are practice, I'm getting a lot of practice in!
- I have written almost completely consistently this entire year. The exceptions are during Winter Semester when I didn't write every day, during August when I was slacking with Effulgent Corruption, and right now when I'm on break. But I am editing.
- Actual time writing books from nothing was: 5 months for WGMD, 1 month for Paradise Seekers, and 1 month for Steelgods. So seven months out of 9. Wait, when did I edit then? I'm confused. Maybe it was 4 months for WGMD. Must have been; that sounds accurate (January - April).
- Out of the 15+ places I submitted Paradise Seekers to, I've heard back from four. Thanks for making my postage worth it, guys.
- Just because I'm insane, I'm secretly considering writing Steelgods book 2 before the end of the year. Just like pick November and go while Alpha readers have Steelgods book 1. Hmm...

That's it from me. Expect posts less egocentric soon.


Charlie said...

The problem with writing Steelgods 2 for Sanderson's class is that most people in your group won't know anything about book #1, methinks. Also, you should hold off on writing the sequel until you get a deal. :P

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