Editing Begins

on Saturday, October 9, 2010
My "postmortem" edit of Might of the Steelgods begins today! I'm going to try to cover at least two chapters a day, maybe three or four, in an attempt to tear through it. I also will probably rewrite or do extensive editing on two of the chapters I particularly despised. That's the plan, anyway.

There is reasoning behind this, and it is thus: I'm going to World Fantasy in Ohio with Jason at the end of this month. I'm a bit nervous, but I'm certain it will be a good experience. The goal is networking, obviously, and to find agents and editors that I can send crap too. Currently, however, I only have one project I feel comfortable sending out: Paradise Seekers. And while Where Gods and Mortals Dance would be a most excellent thing to go flaunting around, it requires rewriting a good 1/3 of the book. That's something like 60k, which would be very hard to do between now and October 27th.

However, Steelgods is already in decent condition, only having two main areas I think need work (minus general editing, of course). It is also more fantasy than Paradise Seekers, which is kind of a surreal YA traipsing around as a fable. I'm guessing it would talk all of a week or two to have it in good condition, perhaps even good enough to send out to willing Alpha readers. But most importantly, it could be something I'd be all for sending to an agent.

Which reminds me, like 75% of the people I submitted Paradise Seekers to never even got back to me. Come on, dudes! It's been like...four months! I have a SASE, just send a form rejection or something if you really don't want it! Just don't leave me hangin' like this!

At any rate, that's the current agenda. Quick edit of Steelgods, and in the meantime I'll spend my non-editing hours trying to figure out what the crap to do exactly with WGMD to fix it. If school and work weren't so damnably offensive into my writing time, I could probably have both done by the end of the month. I doubt that's going to happen, though.

What else to say? I'm considering doing some brainstorming to figure out another new novel to write, probably another standalone novel. I still have Steelgods 2 (titled The Gears of Anbar) and Effulgent Corruption planned out (as well as a very basic outline of The Truth Behind His Voice, the sequel to WGMD), but I'm...missing brainstorming. Maybe I'll dig up that old Canyon story I wrote a first chapter to back in June and see how that holds up. Get this: THE WHOLE WORLD IS A HUGE CANYON. ISN'T THAT COOL? No? Well, shut up! It's my idea, and I'm going to roll with it!

This has degenerated into me yelling at some unseen follower (all fifteen of you), so I should probably cut it off here. Done and done.


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